Our Finishes

Our 100% Natural Oiled Finish

At Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture we build tough, durable dining tables for every day use, tables that suit the modern family lifestyle. They are tables that can be used and enjoyed by a family without the fear of little marks and scratches getting on it from just normal use.

This very practical aspect of our dining tables stems from two things, one is our unique 100% natural oil finish and the other is the fact that we specialise in using dense Australian hardwood timbers. Our oiled finish is a totally non coated finish. When you sit at one of our dining tables you'll be in contact with wood, just pure natural wood, not a 'plastic' coating over the top.

A dining table is usually the focal point of any home, everything happens over the dining table, meals, cups of tea, coffee or a glass of wine or two with friends, kids doing their school projects, it usually happens right there at the dining table.

But buying a table with a coated finish is a bit like buying a new car, they look great when they're new but inevitably little signs of wear and tear start to appear and there's nothing you can do about it, it just keeps getting worse over time to the point where it's going to start to look pretty sad.
Some people come into our showroom and they'll say something like " Oh I really love your dining tables but we're just going wait until the kids grow up a bit more" Let me tell you, these people are completely missing the point, why wait for that reason, buy it now let the kids use it, own and enjoy a nice dining table now and then let the kids fight over it when you've left this earth.

The look of our dining tables will improve with age and use, rather than the other way around, they will develop a beautiful 'worn aesthetic' over time. This can only be achieved by having a non coated finish. The product we are using now requires very little maintenance but provide an aftercare kit with each table so any little marks and scratches can be dealt with with some wax and steel wool.

Your dining table will accumulate a 'history' that is unique to your family and this beautiful aged appearance will be considered priceless in years to come, especially to anyone in your family.
This approach to the way we finish our dining tables and the subsequent long term use a dining table receives marries in beautifully with a centuries old Japanese ideology called Wabi Sabi.

We use real Australian wood salvaged from naturally felled trees on farms to make our furniture or recycled wood from old buildings and it's been said that we 'leave the poetry' in what we make, which is a beautiful statement about what we do.