Our Finishes

Our 100% Natural Oiled Finish, why do we recommend it highly ?          

We pride ourselves on building tough, durable dining tables for everyday use.   We build tables that suit the busy modern family lifestyle.
As co- owner of the business Ross Triffitt states, "Our tables can be used and enjoyed by a family without without having the constant fear of little marks and scratches ruining the appearance. Of course wear and tear over time is inevitable, it's going to occur but the important thing is that the finish on your table allows the  table to 'age nicely'.  So what does that mean ?  It means all those little signs of wear are not going to detract from the beautiful appearance of the table, strangely enough in a funny way they add to it, they become an appealing part of it." 
The sentence above only applies to an oiled finish, this does not happen with a coated finish where in situations where the table is being used by a young 'robust' family, a coated or lacquer finished table will start to look the worse for wear from day one, it's a bit like buying a new car where it will slowly accumulate little marks and scratches and over the years they will start to detract from the overall appearance and nothing can be done about it unless it is completely stripped off and refinished. This is what we call  'ageing badly' as opposed to an Eclipse dining table 'ageing nicely'.  
A good analogy of this is when someone buys a new expensive pair of leather boots or a nice leather coat or jacket, they're so much nicer and more appealing after a bit of use and they have worn in a bit.
This way of looking at normal wear from normal use is closely related to the ancient Japanese ideology called Wabi Sabi.    
This very 'liveable' aspect of our dining tables stems from two things, one is the 100% natural oiled finish and the other is the fact that Eclipse specialises in using dense Australian hardwood timbers.   
When you sit at an Eclipse dining table you'll be in contact with wood, just pure natural wood.  

Your oiled finish dining table will accumulate a 'history' that will be unique to your family and this beautiful aged appearance will be considered priceless in years to come and will be enormously valued especially by everyone in your family.
The oil product that is currently being used  requires very little if any maintenance.

Lacquered Finishing:

Although we sing the praises of oiled finishes very highly, in certain situations and at certain times someone might just want a lacquered finish on their table in which case, that's absolutely fine, we're happy to do that as well. Call to discuss this if that is your preference.  

Colouring Timber:

Unfortunately timbers don't come in a big array of colours and tones, mother nature hasn't kept up with the latest looks and trends so yes we do offer the service of altering the natural timber colours into whatever someone might want.

We already do brown/chocolate colours fairly often and as of early June 2016 we should have more tables in different colours such as grey, charcoals, blacks and very blonde tones in stock in our Sydney showroom. But hey, if you'd like blue, green or purple tones, we can do that also.