Delivery Information

Delivery Information
Delivery of a large item such as furniture is of course a little more problematic than arranging delivery of an item of clothing or shoes for example. And unlike a lot of furniture available to buy online these days, what Eclipse make isn't knock down, it doesn't come in a flat box. Although table tops can be removed if they need to be, that does not happen often.
Over time Eclipse has built up a great rapport with a number of carriers and removalists who deliver their furniture to many parts of the country at very reasonable prices. Eclipse can provide accurate quotes for this with reference to the item you're after and your location.

Major Cities
Eclipse regularly arrange deliveries to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.
Regional Areas
If you live in a regional or outlying area, Eclipse may need your help to find a local furniture carrier or removalist who services your area from a local depot in your nearest major city. Sometimes local knowledge beats all.
For regional deliveries within a 200km radius of Wagga, Eclipse uses a local furniture carrier with many years of experience and competitive rates.
Approximate Costs
Here is a ballpark idea of the cost of delivery to the eastern state capital cities:

The following price estimates relate to dining tables, sideboards and entertainment units.
From showroom in Waterloo to home in  Sydney
Small - $140 / Medium - $160 to $280 / Large - $280 to $360. All depending on what suburb and access.

From Wagga factory to home in Melbourne
Small - approx $200 / Medium - approx $330 / Large - approx $400

From Wagga factory to home in Canberra
Small - approx $180 /Medium - approx $250/ Large - approx $330

From Wagga factory to home in Brisbane
Small -  approx $230 / Medium -  approx $400 / Large - approx $475

From Wagga factory to home Adelaide
Small - approx $200 / Medium -  approx $330 / Large - approx $400

*Large is considered to be anything from about 2.7 long upwards

Actual price will depend upon, size, actual location within the above cities and access into where the item has to go. Contact us now for an exact quote.
The risk of damage involved with transporting an item of furniture is always there how ever, in short, until the item is safely inside the home of the new owner Eclipse will it accept full responsibility of any damage that may occur providing the carrier has been approved by Eclipse. It's worth noting that damage in delivery is a very rare occurrence. Sending furniture to Perth and Darwin is the exemption here, the risk is much higher and therefore the acceptance of that risk will be determined on a case by case basis.