Our Timbers

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture have specialised for many years in the use of Australian hardwood timbers, mainly eucalypt species.
There are basically three categories, one we refer to as salvaged timber which is timber that has been sourced from naturally felled trees on private properties where a portable saw mill has been set up on site to mill up a log into boards or slabs. We try to use as much of this type of timber as possible. We also like to use recycled timbers that are usually ex structural timbers pulled from an old building.  Thirdly,  timber is also purchased from a timber mill who supplies us sustainably harvested timber from a regrowth forest. The grade of timber that usually buy is known as feature grade timber which is the lowest grade but that's where the demand is, most of our customers love to have a 'story' in their timber which feature grade timber usually has in abundance.  One can see evidence of when the tree was exposed to a bush fire or that certain insects were living within the tree.      
"There's something hugely satisfying about using these timbers that would otherwise be wasted such as being cut up for firewood and adding considerable value to them by creating a beautiful dining table from them that will last for generations" - owner/designer Ross Triffitt.
Timber Appearance:           
Both salvaged and recycled sources ensure that a high range of timber species and looks are able to be offered. Many depicting the tough life that the tree would have experienced over the 300 to easily 600 years of its life being subjected to countless droughts and fires.  
Quite often these timbers have a high degree of 'character' in them either via natural features such as gum veins, sap pockets or from evidence of insect habitat and in the case of recycled, from nail and bolt holes etc. All of this adds to the specialness of each piece of furniture that is made from them.
And for those who like their timber without these 'imperfections', be rest assured Eclipse do their best to cater for all preferences.
Timber Selection:

When someone places an order to have something made we go to considerable lengths to look for and select timbers that are similar to what they would like based on something else they have seen in our showroom or that they already have purchased from us previously.  However due to the fact that every tree is different even within the same species we can never guarantee a close match let alone a perfect match. On the other hand we would also never make something in a timber that was vastly different to what someone was expecting, we would communicate with the customer and advise them of the situation.  Some species are more prone to variations than other species, timbers such as Tassie oak have a more consistent appearance than say spotted gum for example. 

But lets face it, isn't the fact that every tree is different, is what makes what we produce all the more special ?  

The species used by Eclipse mainly include spotted gum, blackbutt, red gum, Tassie oak/ash, narrow leaf peppermint, red ironbark, red stringybark and mountain gum. And then other less commonly used species such as southern mahogany, (this is a eucalypt) yellow box, grey box and red box along with some casuarina species.  To see some examples of these species follow this link to TIMBER OPTIONS.

In the past we have used some American oak and if that's what you're wanting it's worth checking to see if we have some but we are phasing it out and just sticking with Aussie hardwoods.      

It's all part of the overall 'Australian' experience when buying furniture. As Australians we should all be proud of our natural heritage, this country has been blessed with possessing the biggest, the most diverse and the most beautiful range of indigenous hardwood timbers in the world so why not help preserve what is left by investing in a beautiful dining table made from one of them.