Why buy a dining table from us?

In a recent Google ad we are in effect saying that an Eclipse dining table should be called an 'Everything' table because it is so much more than just something to dine on.  A tough, durable 'dining' table becomes the focal point of the home, birthdays are celebrated on it,  cups of tea or coffee with old friends are shared over it, the kids do their homework on it, the dress maker can cut out his or her patterns out on it, basically so much happens over the family 'dining' table that it almost becomes a member of the family so it should be something that will withstand all of that sort of use and a lot more. And you can be rest assured, a table from Eclipse will.

Why else should you buy an Eclipse Handcrafted dining table ?


  • They're 100% Australian made.
  • They're made from Aussie hardwood timbers.
  • Eclipse have a very Eco Friendly approach in using timbers salvaged from dead trees and in using recycled timbers.
  • They have a very 'user friendly' oiled finish that has a more natural look  which allows the table to age nicely.
  • You can own a dining table like no one else has, it's akin to owning a beautiful piece of original art work. 
  • You'll be supporting Australian jobs.
  • It won't wear out, it only continues to wear in.

  • And what you order from Eclipse is what you will get and more often that not it's more than you expect.
And because they are so damned nice to look at every day.

What seems like a big outlay when purchasing will soon become one of the best decisions you've ever made.