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View our wide range of timber furniture including; dining tables, entertainment units, sideboards, coffee tables, bookcases, desks, hall tables, and more. If you can't quite find what you're looking for, check out our Past Projects section and enquire today about placing a custom made order.
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Accent in blackbutt NOW SOLD
Axil Dining Table 2700 x 1100
Axil Dining Table with thickened top NOW SOLD
Axil in Blackbutt NOW SOLD
Axil in Pepp NOW SOLD
Axil in Silver Wattle
Axil in Silver Wattle
Axil in Silver Wattle
Axil with thickened top
Bedside Tables
Butterfly Extension Table NOW SOLD
Cigar Top Matego - NOW SOLD
Costani Table
Hampton 3 Drawer Console Table
Hampton Console Table
Jax Round
Kent Sideboard
Kono Sideboard
Large Desk
Macri Table in blackbutt
Matego Round
Mekka Sideboard in red gum
Melinda Sideboard
Nexus in Blackbutt - NOW SOLD
Nexus in Peppermint
NOW SOLD - Round Extension Table 1300Dia
Open Top Wall Unit.
Parquetry Coffee Table
Peggy Ent Unit
Round Extension Table 1200 Dia
Round Kono Table
Round Matego
Round tapered leg table
Set of 8 Jesse Dining Chairs
Spotted gum table with black legs
Tapered Leg Dining Table - NOW SOLD
Tapered Leg Table in Ironbark
Tapered Leg Table in River Red Gum
Thick top Ulara in Tas oak
Ulara in Tas Oak.
Oval Axil NOW SOLD
DT158 Matego Dining Table
Axil in ironbark NOW SOLD
Bakers Table - six seater.
Bobbie Ent Unit NOW SOLD
Bar Table with four Vella Stools.
Costani Table - A very elegant bargain.
Costani Table - NOW SOLD
Knox Table - NOW SOLD
Round Kono Table
Nexus Table. NOW SOLD
Medley Top Coffee Table
Mekka sideboard NOW SOLD
Oslo Chest of Drawers NOW SOLD
NOW SOLD Oval Jax Table with vella chairs
Coffee Table NOW SOLD
Square Axil in red gum
Tapered Leg Table - NOW SOLD
Queen Bed & 2 Bedsides NOW SOLD
Tapered Leg Dining Table
Tapered Leg Dining Table
Five Drawer Chest - NOW SOLD
'Beyond Ruby Gap' by Sid Palazzi
'Ghost Gums Illara Gorge' by Sid Palazzi
'Sundown Ruby Gap' by Sid Palazzi
'Blue Sky Illara' by Sid Palazzi
'Hale Riverbed' by Sid Palazzi
'Blue Sky Wyangala' by Sid Palazzi
'Desert Oaks Illara' by Sid Palazzi
'Walker Creek Tempe Downs' by Sid Palazzi
DT062 Axil Dining Table
HT099 Console Table
DT156 Round Dining Table
DT157 Round Kono Dining Table
DT073 Monza Dining Table
DT100 Ulara Bench Setting
DT155 Platform Dining Table
HT103 Vanity
DT095 Ulara Dining Table
DT116 Tapered Leg Dining Table
HT108 Platform Hall Table
EU078 Bogart Entertainment Unit
SB075 Bogart Buffet
Ulara Buffet
SB082 Kono Sideboard
Apple Print by Colin Crawford
Clipper Print by Colin Crawford
DT108 Natural Edge Dining Table
Deer Deer Print by Colin Crawford
HT101 Jervis Console Table
DT072 Slab Dining Table
JDT38 Ali Dining Table
Flamingo Print by Colin Crawford
Look At Me Print by Colin Crawford
Pink Buddha
Round Santa Fe Vase by Amalfi
Santa Fe Bowl by Amalfi
Santa Fe Vase by Amalfi
Frankie Wall Clock by Amalfi
White Frankie Wall Clock by Amalfi
Geo Pendant Light by Amalfi
Vault Table Lamp by Amalfi
Jaffa Lamp by Amalfi
Kasper Vase by Emporium
Robust Tripod Table Lamp
Large Tea Light Candle Holder
Set of Two Round Tea Lights
Set of Two Tea Light Holders
Plaza Dining Chair
DT083 Axil Dining Table
DT119 Elliptical Dining Table
HT126 3 Drawer Console Table
SB080 Mekka 3 Door Buffet
SB088 Mekka 3 Door Buffet
Jelly Bean Chair
ST070 Square Side Table
Avro Chair
DT110 Tapered Leg Dining Table
JB21 Meg Bedside Table
Vella Dining Chair
Vella Stools
ST080 Niki Side Table
Martini Chair
Charlie Chair
Arnhem Dining Chair
Bristol Dining Chair
DT096 Bakers Dining Table
DT097 Ulara Dining Table
DT099 Ali Splay Leg Dining Table
DT120 Accent Dining Table
HT102 Natural Edge Entry Table
HT121 Sofa Table
HT122 Platform Hall Table
HT124 Platform Hall Table
JEU30 Penny Entertainment Unit
JST79 Jax Side Table
Tilba Dining Table NOW SOLD
DT078 Natural Edge Dining Table
Low Bookshelf - NOW SOLD
Bookshelf NOW SOLD
Side Tables
HT117 Zenith Hall Table
Bunbury Dining Chair
Moreton Dining Chair
Electra Table Lamp by Retro Print Revival
ST065 Bevelled Edge Side Tables
BC002 Small Bookcase
CT055 Zennith Coffee Table
CT068 Coffee Table with Mag Rack
Ashleigh Bookcase Units NOW SOLD
DS002 Display Stand
DS003 Display Stand
DSK105 Single Drawer Desk
DSK101 Single Drawer Desk
EU070 Ottlo Low Line Unit
Frida Kahlo Table Lamp by Retro Print Revival
HT095 Jervis Hall Table with Shelf
HT098 Gala Side Table
HT100 Gala Sofa Table
HT109 Hall Table
Nullarbor Dining Chair
Pilbara Two Tone Chair
Venus Table Lamp by Retro Print Revival
Kakadu Dining Chair
Pilbara Dining Chair
Alice Dining Chair
Daintree Dining Chair
Longreach Dining Chair
Murray Dining Chair
Rutherglen Dining Chair
Alvin Dining Chair
Whitsunday Dining Chair
Annie Dining Chair
Claudia Dining Chair
Valentina Dining Chair
DT075 Breakfast Table
Platform Table NOW SOLD
Platform Table NOW SOLD
JS32v Angie Sideboard
Mekka Sideboard - NOW SOLD
Bogart Sideboard-NOW SOLD
Extension Table - NOW SOLD
Replica Tolix Chair