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View our wide range of timber furniture including; dining tables, entertainment units, sideboards, coffee tables, bookcases, desks, hall tables, and more. If you can't quite find what you're looking for, check out our Past Projects section and enquire today about placing a custom made order.
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D- End Table DT356 SALE PRICE $1775
Tandem Shelf Unit
Accent in blackbutt NOW SOLD
Accent Table DT304 SALE PRICE $1690
Alex 2.5 Seater Settees
Ariel Table DT393 SALE PRICE $2348
Axil slab top DT295 SALE PRICE $5767
Axil Table DT350 SALE PRICE $3318
Axil Table DT376 SALE PRICE $4372
Axil Table DT378 SALE PRICE $2600
Axil Table DT395 SALE PRICE $4645
Axil Table DT413 SALE PRICE $1795
Baxter Bookshelf BC113
Bondi Table DT330 SALE PRICE $2513
Cigar top Kono DT389 SALE PRICE $2533
Classique Table DT292 SALE PRICE $4472
Costani Table DT235 SALE PRICE $1545
Donahue Sideboard SB108
Donahue two door sideboard
Elias Shelf Unit
Ella 2.5 seater settees
Fine Tapered Leg Table DT307 SALE PRICE $985
Katya Hall Table HT155
Kent Sideboard SB079
Kent Sideboard SB079
Kent Sideboard SB079
Kent Sideboard SB079 REDUCED TO CLEAR.
Kent Sideboard SB104
Kono Cia DT309 SALE PRICE $1688
Kono Sideboard SB082 Now Reduced to Clear
Marcus Coffee Table CT119
Marcus Console HT165
Matego Round DT383 SALE PRICE $3314
Matego Round DT335 SALE PRICE $3888
Mosman Sideboard SOLD
Oblo Entertainment Unit
Odin Console HT164
Odin Console HT164
Ollio in recycled DT391 SALE PRICE $2371
Platform Console HT096
Platform Hall Table HT109
Platform Table DT177 SALE PRICE $4417
Split Leg Platform Table DT400 SALE PRICE $3221
Tandem two shelf unit
Tri Leg Matego. DT351 SALE PRICE $2240
Ulara Dining Table DT397 SALE PRICE $2535
Ulara DT394 SALE PRICE $2185
Ulara Oval Table DT229 SALE PRICE $2076
Ulara Sideboard Now Reduced to Clear
Ulara Slab Table DT290
Ulara Table DT342 SALE PRICE $4280
Ulara Table DT392 SALE PRICE $2390
Yamba Outdoor Table DT346 SALE PRICE $2238
Torquay Table DT382 SALE PRICE $4200
Axil Dining Table 2700 x 1100
Axil Dining Table with thickened top NOW SOLD
Axil in Blackbutt NOW SOLD
Torquay Table DT387 SALE PRICE $4100
Axil in Pepp NOW SOLD
Axil in Silver Wattle
Axil in Silver Wattle
Axil with thickened top
Bedside Tables
Butterfly Extension Table NOW SOLD
Cigar Top Matego - NOW SOLD
Hampton Console Table
Jax Round
Large Desk
Matego Round
Melinda Sideboard
Nexus in Blackbutt - NOW SOLD
Nexus in Peppermint
Parquetry Coffee Table
Peggy Ent Unit
Round Extension Table 1200 Dia
Round Matego
Tapered Leg Dining Table - NOW SOLD
Tapered Leg Table in Ironbark
Thick top Ulara in Tas oak
Ulara in Tas Oak.
Oval Axil NOW SOLD
Axil DT412 SALE PRICE $1900
Axil in ironbark NOW SOLD
Slab Top Table DT114 SLAB PRICE $2148
Axil Table DT349 SALE PRICE $1997
Nexus Table. NOW SOLD
Square Axil in red gum
Medley Top Coffee Table SALE PRICE $1523
'Beyond Ruby Gap' by Sid Palazzi
'Ghost Gums Illara Gorge' by Sid Palazzi
'Sundown Ruby Gap' by Sid Palazzi
'Blue Sky Illara' by Sid Palazzi
'Hale Riverbed' by Sid Palazzi
'Blue Sky Wyangala' by Sid Palazzi
'Desert Oaks Illara' by Sid Palazzi
'Walker Creek Tempe Downs' by Sid Palazzi
Frankie Wall Clock by Amalfi
White Frankie Wall Clock by Amalfi
Geo Pendant Light by Amalfi
Vault Table Lamp by Amalfi
Robust Tripod Table Lamp
Large Tea Light Candle Holder
Set of Two Round Tea Lights
Set of Two Tea Light Holders
JB21 Meg Bedside Table
Bristol Dining Chair
Moreton Dining Chair
Nullarbor Dining Chair
Alvin Dining Chair
Claudia Dining Chair
JS32v Angie Sideboard
Extension Table - NOW SOLD