Sideboards & Buffets Info

There are many options when it comes to deciding how you would like your sideboard/buffet to look. This section contains a lot of information relating to sideboards and buffets, what's the difference ? just terminology. Much of the information is very similar to the options for an entertainment unit.


There are three considerations when it comes to deciding how many drawers and doors you would like in your sideboard.

What sort of items are going to be put in it?

If you intend to put a lot of larger items in the sideboard such as large platters or bowls in boxes etc, then more cupboard space would be better, hence more doors than drawers. On the other hand if there will be more smaller items such as napkins, table cloths etc, then more drawers will likely be a better option.

What is the overall size or the available space where the sideboard is going?

This has a bearing on whether the unit will have an odd or even number of sections. By this I mean that there will be one option available if the unit has three or five sections which is that the middle section can have a full bank of drawers down the centre and then one, two or three doors either side. Although, if it's a big unit there's no reason why there couldn't be two banks of drawers in the middle two sections, with say, two sets of doors either side. Conversely, you could also have two doors in the centre and then a bank of drawers at each end.

What sort of "look" do you have in mind?

If you're thinking of having a clean, uncluttered look then having a front of full length plain doors is the way to go. You might opt for finger grooves to open them, or even push-to release catches for the ultimate in minimalist design. If this look has appeal but you do need some drawers then you could have some drawers fitted behind one or more of the doors. If you're after something more traditional, there are literally hundreds of possible options, which we're more than happy to discuss with you, and we like a challenge :)


If there was such a thing as a "standard" design it would be having a drawer above each door. Otherwise, some of the other layout options you could consider are - having three or four sections with all doors but having one or two drawers above the middle door or doors only, and then having the door/s either side full length. Another option might be to have a wine rack in the centre section/s... The possibilities are endless.

Drawer Slides

The following are the most frequently requested drawer slides:

  • Regular (side-mounted)
  • Soft-closing (s/m)
  • Push-to-open (s/m)
  • Soft-closing (under-mounted)
  • Push-to-open, with soft close (u/m)

Side-mounted or under-mounted?

Under-mounted drawer slides require a slightly higher drawer front than regular slides if you'd like to maintain the same internal height within the drawer. This is only really a major consideration if you need to fit something specific in the drawers while keeping the unit under a certain height.

Our under-mounted slides have a slightly smoother "feel" to them, making them our preferred model, however, if you're limited in height at all, we're still happy to offer the side-mounted version.

Retractable Doors

If you're likely to use your sideboard as an entertainment unit, you might like to consider having retractable doors, allowing you to hide those components away when they're not in use, yet still maintain a line of sight for your remote controls when you're watching TV.

These require approximately 60mm clearance in the top or side into which they retract, creating a "void" within the open cavity that must be considered if you're rather limited for space and need to fit specific items.

Glass or Timber Doors

There's a huge range of glass finishes available to help you keep various items tidily out of the way when they're not in use, or to put those treasured items on display - we're happy to discuss this with you if you've already got something in mind, or need help choosing which glass will be the best solution for you.

There's also a number of timber door styles available, again, to suit the overall aesthetics of the cabinet you're after.

Handles or Finger Grooves

We carry a range of handles to complement any style of buffet or sideboard - be it modern and sleek, or something a little more traditional. You're also welcome to suggest or supply handles of your own, and we'll be happy to fit them for you.

If you're worried that handles might "date", then finger grooves will ensure your sideboard or buffet will remain timeless.

Base Style

There are many different variations on the style of base we can make for your unit. You're certainly not limited to our suggestions, but this is a list of our most commonly requested:

  • Sides to the floor - the side panels of the cabinet extend to the floor, with a narrow setback kick at the front. (No vacuuming underneath!)
  • Tapered feet - great for adding a little shape, particularly if you have a tapered leg table in close proximity.
  • Turned feet - a little more labour-intensive, but great for more traditional styles.
  • Metal feet and legs - much like handles, these come in a variety of finishes and styles - you're welcome to discuss this with us, or suggest your own.

Top Thickness

A relatively minor detail that is often overlooked, as it can make all the difference to the appearance of a cabinet. Creating a more substantial top thickness is really dependent on our timber availability, but is well worth considering, whether you'd like something more substantial, or something more slight.