Furniture Delivery

Delivery Information

The following price estimates relate to dining tables, sideboards and entertainment units.

From Waterloo showroom to your home in  Sydney - delivery costs will vary depending on where you live and what the access is like.  
Small - approx $140 -$160  / Medium -approx $160 -$200 / Large - approx $240 - $400  Sydney deliveries are currently being done on Sundays and payments are to be made directly to delivery guys.     

From   Wagga factory to home in Wagga 
Small/Medium - approx $50 - Large - approx $120 - $150

From Wagga factory to home in Melbourne
Small - approx $250 - Medium - approx $330 - Large - approx $400

From Wagga factory to home in Canberra
Small - approx $180 - Medium - approx $250- $300 - Large - approx $350 - $400 

Other parts of the country will need to quoted on specifically.

Actual price will depend upon, size, actual location within the above cities and access into where the item has to go. Contact us now for an exact quote.


The risk of damage involved with transporting an item of furniture is always there however, in short until the item is safely inside the home of the new owner Eclipse will it accept full responsibility of any damage that may occur providing the carrier has been approved by Eclipse. However it's worth noting that damage has been a very rare occurrence.