Dining Tables

  • Made in Australia
  • Made to Order
  • Made from Eco Friendly Australian Hardwoods
  • Made to Last for Generations 
  • Complete design flexibility 
  • Short lead times

Axil Dining table
Axil Dining Table Thickened
Axil Brushed Brass Leg
Axil Dining Table in featured blackbutt
Cigar top Axil
Axil Crossover Metal Legs
Axil Crossover Round Table
Slatted Top Outdoor Table - AXIL METAL
Slab top table with natural edge - Axil legs
Ariel Dining Table
Ulara Dining table
Ulara Thickened edge Boardroom Table
Red Gum Ulara Dining Table
Ulara with Metal legs
Xavier Table
Boardroom Tables - Custom
Nexus Table
Xavier square leg profile
Extension tables
Torquay Oval Dining Table
Avoca Dining table
Blade leg table
Round Kono Table
Luna Dining table
Prague Table
Madison Table
Barcelona Table
Marble Inlay Ollio
Zevael Round Dining Table
Ollio Round Dining Table
The Odessa
Odessa with metal base.
Round Timber Dining Table in Matego design.
Matego Round Dining Table
Matego Round Dining Table
Tri Leg Matego with Pablo Top
Outdoor Tables
Classique Dining Table
Bondi Dining table
Paris Metal Leg Table
Table with Forged Iron Legs.
Each Table is Individually Handcrafted
Kasuba Dining Table
Refectory Table
Timbers salvaged from dead trees..
Avalon Dining Table