Our 100% Natural Oiled Finish:

At Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture we build tough, durable dining tables for every day use, tables that suit the modern family lifestyle. They are tables that can be used and enjoyed by a family without the fear of getting little marks and scratches on it from just normal use.

This very practical aspect of our dining tables stems from two things, one is our unique 100% natural oil finish and the other is the fact that we specialise in using dense Australian hardwood timbers. Our oiled finish is a totally non coated finish. When you sit at one of our dining tables you'll be in contact with wood, just pure natural wood, not a 'plastic' coating over the top. Your dining table will accumulate a 'history' that is unique to your family and this beautiful aged appearance will be considered priceless in years to come, especially to anyone in your family. 

Unlike a lacquered finish, an oil finished allows the look of our dining tables to improve with age and use, rather than the other way around, they will develop a beautiful 'worn aesthetic' over time. This can only be achieved by having a non coated finish. The product we are using now requires very little maintenance but we provide an aftercare kit with each table so any little marks and scratches can be dealt with with some wax and steel wool.

Our Lacquered Finish:

As described above, we highly recommend that dining tables be finished in an oiled finish for a host of reasons however the same benefits don't apply to other items that are not subjected to the same high levels of wear and tear. Therefore as a matter of course we don't use the same oiled finish on things like entertainment units, sideboards, bookcases and bedroom furniture, we use a two pack lacquer which is a very durable coated finish that has a low sheen level and looks very similar to the oiled finish. 

Lacquered finishes don't require any maintenance although we do recommend a wipe down with a furniture oil once every six to twelve months just to brighten it up, but as this won't penetrate the coated finish it's very important to make sure you remove all the oil from the surface afterwards.