• A Very Special Slab Table

A Very Special Slab Table

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 We don't normally re-sell tables for a second time but this table has to be an exception to that rule because when we made it for this lady around eight years ago, I distinctly remember how nice it was and unfortunately slabs like this one are just not around anymore. 

The lady who owns it has moved to Noosa recently and is very upset that she can't fit this table into where she now lives and has accepted that she now has to part with it.  
It was made from Southcoast spotted gum from near Batemans Bay which makes it even more special because spotted gum from that area is such a nice colour. 

It is currently still in Noosa but I am told that it is still in pristine condition, the size is 3100 x 1100 and the natural edges aren't too irregular, they're what most people would refer to as being just right.  If for any reason it does need to be refinished then we can do that for an extra $600. 

If we could get onto a big slab like this again in timber like this a table made from it would have a price tag of around $20K on it at least. 

But you can be the owner of this table now for $16.500.   Delivery can be arranged to almost anywhere.

For any enquiries on this please phone Ross at the Wagga workshop on 0418209208.   

It's hard to go past solid Australian Hardwood.