• Karlie Round Dining Table

Karlie Round Dining Table

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This beautifully elegant metal base can be done in numerous finishes. Shown here in a white powder-coated finish, other options include powder coating in other colours, a brass finish, a galvanised metal finish for a more industrial look or it can be in a more natural metal finish.  We invite you to visit our metals page to see some examples of these finishes.    Please note, the base is always scaled up or down to suit the top diameter


This table is seen here with a top made from featured blackbutt in a raw look oiled finish.  Choose from our range of Australian hardwoods. Browse the various looks it can have naturally or with various finishes to meet a certain look. Our materials page has loads of images of natural timbers for you to explore and discover what features you love or don't. Be sure to ask our knowledgeable team for guidance when selecting timbers to be sure we will achieve the look you want.


Mass production is just not our style, every item is individually produced by our skilled craftsman exactly as you would like it to be. Please keep in mind that the number of people who will fit around a table sitting in the chairs will be more than the number of chairs that will tuck in when not in use. Please be aware that any size can be made, it is not limited to the sizes shown here.

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Our Dining tables are made to order and will take around 4-6 weeks.