• The Xavier Design Extendable
  • The Xavier Design Extendable
  • The Xavier Design Extendable

The Xavier Design Extendable

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Dining Tables Made To Order 

Every table is individually crafted by a skilled craftsman in our Wagga workshop. 

This Xavier extension table allows for an extension to be inserted on one end or on each end to increase the size by an extra four people.  However if the table has been made with two extensions only one can be stored under the table, the other needs to be stored elsewhere.  Prices shown here are for a square profiled legs, rectangle leg are slightly less. 

We specialise in using Australian hardwood timbers.   Select your preferred timber species from our standard range otherwise, one of our lighter timbers can be stained in a colour to suit your space.   Check out our Timbers page for more information. 

 Your table can be made to the size you nominate, sizes shown here are for price guide purposes only. 
Lead Times will vary but on average orders for tables will usually take 4-6 weeks

An Important Tip. 
Keep in mind that the number of people who will fit around a table sitting in the chairs will always be more than the number of chairs that will tuck in when not in use.

   Contact us for more information or for a quote on delivery to your home.