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4 Considerations for Designing your Perfect Dining Setting

The dining table is a fundamental piece of furniture for any home. It's a place where bread will be broken, wine will be split, and memories will be made. For most homes, their design is as important as their function. That's why a customised piece is usually the best option.

For over 30 years, at Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture, we have been helping families create their perfect dining setting. We know how to make custom dining tables. So here are the four considerations for designing your perfect piece.



Choose an Australian Hardwood Timber. 

We believe Australia's indigenous hardwoods have enough variation to suit any style. By using traditional finishing techniques and such unique timbers, we can meet the requirements for any project. If you're looking for the beachy or Hamptons aesthetic, Tasmanian Oak or Messmate with a raw finish are great options. If you like the warm chocolatey tones of darker timber, Queensland Spotted Gum in clear or Blackbutt in Japan Brown will be ideal.

This variation is one of the many reasons we never use imported timber for our tables. We source locally and manufacture regionally. This allows us to showcase the unbelievable beauty of our native timbers and keep our carbon costs low.

Take your pick from the selection below, or give us a brief and we'll advise on a timber and finish combination.

For more info on timbers options, get in touch.



Select your Size & Shape.

This is where functionality is of the highest importance. While your space will dictate the size and general shape of your table, you may want to consider a softer or curved option, such as the oval or cigar shape. These are great for rectangular spaces; the curved sides provide guests a line of sight with people on their side of the table, helping conversation flow. They are perfect for entertaining large groups.
If your space is square, our advice is always for a round table. They are highly functional and allow for easy conversation, even with a small number of guests. They also add a softness to a space that is often complimentary to the modern angular interiors of the 21st century.
Below is a selection of shapes we regularly make, but if you have a specific shape in mind, get in touch. We love nothing more than creating something totally unique.
For more info on sizing and shape, get in touch.


Select an Edge Style.

Changing the edge style on a table can dramatically change the aesthetic. For structural reasons, all our tables need to be at least 30mm thick, but if you're looking for something thinner, a sharp bevel (the Kono) will achieve this look. 

Because table legs are frequently angled in some way, we recommend a bevelled edge for design consistency. Below is a collection of our most popular edge types. However, there are many more available.

For more info on edge options, get in touch.



Add the Leg Design.

Now for the biggest decision of all - the legs. In many ways, the legs are the essence of a table, but they are also the least visible part. Our preference is to keep the legs simple and let the top speak for itself, but sometimes the space demands boldness, intricacy, or elegance. We have leg options to suit all of the above and more. 

Below is a handful of some popular designs for all types of table shapes. However, if you're looking for something totally different, our team of furniture designers are here to help. We can 3D model your designs with you to truly turn your concepts into reality. 

To get started building your own Dining Table, get in touch.



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