Custom Dining Tables Sydney

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When someone is considering buying a new piece of furniture there are a few obvious considerations or decisions to make, such as size, colour, material, style and cost. They are the first set of considerations and then this person might start to look around online to see what’s around. They might then see numerous items on websites that have considerable appeal with respect to the above considerations. Next step is to jump in the car and go and visit some of these retailers to see some of these items in
real life and that’s when a whole new set of considerations come into play and the big one is value for money.

One big question is – where was it made and who are you buying it from? At Eclipse we’re all about Australian made tables made from our indigenous hardwood timbers and when you speak to someone in our retail showroom in Sydney you’ll be speaking to someone who is either an owner or it’ll be someone who has been trained by an owner of the business who makes it. What’s more, at Eclipse you can place an order for an Australian made dining table exactly as you’d like it to be made in nearly all respects Buying furniture or in fact anything made in Australia means you’re supporting the Australian economy, you’re buying from someone who really loves and cares about what they do. Buying an Eclipse dining table means that if there is a problem of some sort then you can have direct contact with the maker, that’s simply not possible when buying an imported dining table from a local retailer?

A dining table made from our indigenous hardwood timbers is like buying an original piece of art, it is totally unique, there will never be another one like it anywhere.

Our dining tables are a lifetime investment, it will develop family history within the wood, the little marks or scratches that will inevitably occur will be the little reminders of family life spent around that table. It will in fact become a heirloom.

All in all the value in a handcrafted Australian made dining table is priceless.