A selection of our popular Australian Hardwoods in a clear satin finish. These are also available in a matte or gloss finish which will subtly effect the colour. Please enquire about other timbers options.

  • Tasmanian Oak - Clear

    Not actually an oak, but a eucalyptus, Tassie oak is the collective term for several, near identical timbers. Often blonde in colour and featuring a tight quarter-sawn grain structure.

  • Blackbutt - Clear

    Gaining its name from the trees appearance following bushfire, blackbutt ranges in colour from a pinkish blonde to light brown. It's primary features are pin holes and long narrow gum veins.

  • Recycled - Clear

    A mix of different hardwoods gathered from sites across Australia - our most sustainable timber option. Heavily featured from its former life with a prominent grain structure and heaps of character.

  • Custom Timber

    If you are looking to match a timber, we can suggest other timbers that are most appropriate for your situation. Please enquire below for more information.

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A selection of our popular finish colours options. These can be applied to any timber and are also available in matte, satin or gloss. If you cant find the exact colour tone, please enquire about custom stains and lacquers.

  • Raw

    A finish designed to give timber a raw/natural look. Light beachy tones, often with pink hues.

  • Ash

    A light grey stain that works well with lighter timbers and a neutral colour palette.

  • 50% Smoke

    A darker grey stain that still allows the warmth of the timber to come through.

  • Black

    Our darkest option. Black stains come in various tones depending on timber & gloss level.

  • Italian Walnut

    A lighter alternative to its counterpart allowing for a subtle and unimposing warmth.

  • Walnut

    Inspired by its namesake. A medium-dark brown stain designed to add richness.

  • Custom Stain

    Non of our finishes are pre-mixed. This allows us to create custom stains to suit your palette.

  • Custom Lacquer

    If timber isn't the brief, we can create a custom lacquer from any colour sample.

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    Fine-tune any of our furniture to your specific needs. Including size, shape & finish. 6-12 week lead time.

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    Bring us an idea, our Design Team will create a concept, then our Master Craftsmen make it a reality.

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