About Eclipse


Founded by Ross and Juli Triffitt, Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture have been manufacturing quality, solid timber furniture for well in excess of 30 years. For most of that time Eclipse have specialised in the use of unique indigenous hardwood timbers to handcraft unique pieces of furniture.
 These hardwood timbers often reflect the harsh Australian environment that the tree has been exposed to, in some cases easily in excess of two to three hundred years. Quite often there is clear evidence of when the tree was exposed to bush fires.  Other markings  might be from insects that inhabited the tree.

'We don't destroy Mother Nature's beautiful creation; we give it the gift of immortality'.

The timber in each Eclipse dining table has its own signature and story to tell.  We love the fact that many of the timbers used to make a dining table would otherwise have been wasted in some way.  These beautiful and unique timbers are all sourced via eco friendly means and are part of our natural heritage and they deserve to be preserved.
Ross and Juili have nearly forty years experience in the furniture industry. Ross started off in a small retail shop in Wagga in the late seventies selling lounge furniture made from basically large cushions filled with crumbed foam and covered in colourful velvets and corduroy materials. These 'lounges' and 'chairs' were then teamed up with chrome coffee tables and arched lamps, a very obvious carry over from the sixties. As Ross explains, ' over the years in furniture retail, we used to love accessorising with interesting and novel items and one that comes to mind is 'frozen moments' that I'm sure some people around my age might remember'.
After a couple of years this little operation evolved into something a little more conventional involving contemporary fabric and leather lounges amongst other things, made by one particular company in Sydney. This was around the time Juli came onto the scene and then a few later they started manufacturing timber furniture in their garage at home employing a young guy who had experience building furniture up in Qld.

This is a very abbreviated version of a very long and interesting story about how the 'Eclipse' we now know started off quite a long time ago. 
Now days the team at Eclipse aim to provide customers with an individual and tailored service. Eclipse employs nine craftsmen at different levels of skill and experience in their Wagga Wagga based factory. Each craftsman is dedicated and passionate in the work they do and they strive to uphold the Eclipse ethos.


In the era of fast everything, furniture is no exception. We live in a time that virtually anything and everything can be bought online and shipped from anywhere in the world in a matter of days sometimes. This convenience has created a disposable culture that has become accepted as “normal”. Just take a drive down any inner city suburbs in Sydney and see for yourself, piled up on the side of the roads just how much 'stuff' people are throwing away.

We have all had our moments where you just need something to make do for now until you can afford something better and that's ok, perhaps finishing uni or getting through the uncertain times of Covid we might purchase cheap furniture or products just to get by. However, we quickly learn that these products are not made to last and then we all know where it ends up - landfill.

The good news is that slowly people are becoming aware that this approach is simply not sustainable. So many companies are now doing incredible things, making good quality products from recycled materials like board shorts from plastic bottles, shoes from car tyres and wetsuits from recycled neoprene, these stories make us feel good. “Go world''. At Eclipse we have a passion for well-crafted furniture with thoughtful design, using high-quality local raw materials, sustainably sourced or even better.
Every piece of furniture we make will outlive us, we are making furniture that will be around for generations and your grandchildren will love inheriting your new dining table. When you purchase a piece of furniture from Eclipse you can feel good knowing that your choice to shop with us is an ethical decision.
By buying local products you are lowering your carbon footprint compared to buying imported furniture and you are supporting the Australian economy and very importantly, Australian jobs.
What we provide at Eclipse is thoughtfully designed furniture specially made to fit your requirements. With relatively short turnaround times and made from unique indigenous hardwoods, we make bespoke easy and enjoyable.
Our furniture has an obvious connection with the Australian landscape, you will continue to appreciate your furniture year after year and it will bring you joy every time you use it. An Eclipse table is a lifetime investment.

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture's creations reveal the immense variations and beauty that are inherent in Australian mainland hardwood timbers. Beautiful timbers and superb craftsmanship combine to be the hallmark of what Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture stands for.

Ross's affinity with the beauty inherent in Australian Eucalypt Timbers started when he was growing up on a farm chopping up firewood. He observed the different colours, textures and densities within different types of eucalypts. Then his passion for Eucalypt timbers grew rapidly when his business started using some recycled hardwood to make furniture when they started to graduate from using softer timbers which back in the mid to late eighties was mainly recycled Baltic pine and old Oregon.

One of Ross's other earliest influences came from his late Grandmother's hobby of lapidary (the art of polishing stones). 'It was fascinating seeing a very ordinary-looking stone go through the polishing process and being absolutely gobsmacked when it came out. It was amazing to see the beautiful colours and patterns in what was once just an ordinary stone and this is very similar to what we do now at Eclipse but with timber.

''The exterior of most of the naturally felled tree's we use is often seen as being drab and uninteresting but once the timber is dressed up and polished, an amazing arrays of colour and beautiful patterns appear'. Each piece of timber is unique just like the stones that his grandmother used to polish up."We aim to expose this beauty, turning a once discarded dead tree into a practical functional and high-value item that can be used and admired for generations."

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture's creations reveal the immense variations that are inherent in Australian hardwoods, many having beautiful 'natural features' such as gum veins, sap pockets and many other interesting markings that make the piece being created intrinsically individual. As Ross says, "There's a story being told in every table top, the life of the tree is there for all to see"

Dining tables especially, become a showcase for these beautiful timbers with all their individual and unique characteristics. Finishing most dining tables the natural way with an oil compliments the natural-ness of the wood.  In creating tables this way Ross recognised a connection with the ancient Japanese ideology called Wabi-Sabi - the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature.

Eclipse designs are mostly underplayed and modest allowing the person browsing in the showroom to discover the undeclared beauty within each piece as well as experience what is hidden within the Australian bush. 

Eclipse's showroom is in the Alexandria area in Sydney. If you're coming from the south west of the state, just come along the M5, take the new M8 tunnel, take the off shoot to Gardeners Rd and keep going until you reach Botany Road, turn left and we're about 1.5 km on the left. Nikki, Marc, Luan and Joe run the Sydney showroom with Ross and Julie mostly running the factory in Wagga but are frequently in the showroom on weekends.


There's a good chance that when you walk into the Eclipse showroom that you will be talking to an owner of the business, now that's not very common these days is it? There are so many extremely happy Eclipse customers out there, check out the Google reviews.