Concept to Reality

At Eclipse we design and manufacture custom furniture solutions – it’s our passion.

We appreciate that every project is different, no two are the same, that’s why everything we produce is considered for both functionality & aesthetics. It's also why our craftsmen & designers are in constant communication to ensure your specific needs are met.

As part of our service we offer full design flexibility, this means our customers do not need to compromise on size, shape or colour and our product can be altered to suit any space, residential or commercial.

See below for more information on our service...

  • Customise

    Start with a simple design or fine-tune any of the furniture in our collections to suit your specific needs. Including size, shape & finish.

    How it works 
  • Bespoke Design

    For a more detailed design approach bring us the idea, our Design Team will create a concept, then our Master Craftsmen make it a reality.

    How it works