Information on Custom Made Dining Tables

Owning a custom dining table that has been specially made for you in the design, the size and the look you're after is a real treat in itself. And then when you combine that with the fact that it has been made by a small Australian furniture company that is passionate about using our indigenous hardwood timbers sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers, then the 'special-ness' is multiplied ten fold. 

A lot of time and effort goes into creating each table to ensure visual harmony by achieving a balance in tone, grain and natural features. Each top is in fact a work of art put together by one of our craftsman but the masterful creator in this process is none other than Mother Nature herself. 

The two main considerations when deciding on a new custom dining table is aesthetics and functionality.  

Aesthetics of course is all to do with visual appeal, it relates to the design, and the material it has been made from. Our tables are all about showcasing our beautiful Australian hardwood timbers and creating the perfect size table, the perfect shaped table in the design of your choice.

Functionality is all about the use of the table, how many people will fit comfortably and how many will fit at a squeeze for those odd occasions. It's also to do with table legs not interfering with peoples knees and legs and it's to do with how well the table fits within the space allocated within the home.    


When buying a new table one of the first decisions you need to make is how many people would you like to seat and then of course you need to work out if you have enough space to fit that size table.  Aside from the dimensions, the actual design of the table can have some bearing on this, for example, a centrally supported table does not have any legs around the perimeter of the table taking up space where people can sit and certain leg designs allow people to be sat anywhere without any table leg interference.

Then the shape of the table can also have a bearing on how many will fit. For example and round or oval table is the best shape for sitting the most number of people within a limited space. That's providing the space will accommodate a round or oval table, if the space is long a narrow then obviously the shape of the table also needs to be long and narrow. 

As a general rule, allowing 600mm per person is usually sufficient in a domestic situation however curved sided tables such as round, oval or cigar shaped work well in accommodating more people because everyone is sitting away from each other more due to the curvature.  

 An important thing to note here is that there is always going to be a difference between how many people can be sat at a dining table and how many chairs can be tucked in when the table is not in use. Very often two chairs will have to be put elsewhere in the house and brought in when required. 

The guide below is based on 600mm per person. It is not based on the number of chairs tucked in when not in use. Exact table sizes are completely up to you, we will make almost any size.

Rectangle Shaped Tables quick reference.
As the number of people gets past the .5 you will be able to squeeze that extra person in.

1200mm in length - 2 people per side --- 1300mm in length - 2.16 people per side --- 1400mm in length - 2.33 people per side.
1500mm in length - 2.5 people per side --- 1600mm in length - 2.66 people per side --- 1700mm in length - 2.83 people per side.
1800mm in length - 3 people per side --- 1900mm in length - 3.16 people per side --- 2000mm in length - 3.33 people per side.
2100mm in length - 3.5 people per side --- 2200mm in length - 3.66 people per side --- 2300mm in length - 3.83 people per side.
2400mm in length - 4 people per side --- 2500mm in length - 4.16 people per side --- 2600mm in length - 4.33 people per side.
2700mm in length - 4.5 people per side --- 2800mm in length - 4.66 people per side --- 2900mm in length - 4.83 people per side.
3000mm in length - 5 people per side --- 3100mm in length - 5.16 people per side --- 3200mm in length - 5.33 people per side.

Round Tables.
As mentioned above, round or curved sided tables are the most practical in terms of sitting the most number of people within a limited space. Here is the  number of people that will fit comfortably around a round table. This is not chairs tucked in when not use, the diameter effectively increases when people are sitting in the chairs.

1000 dia - 6 people.   1100 dia - 6 people,  1200 dia - 6-7 people, 1300 dia - 7 people.  1400 dia - 8 people. 1500 dia  - 8-9 people  1600 dia - 9 people. 
1700 dia - 9 -10 people. 1800 dia - 10 people.  1900 dia - 10 -11 people. 
2000 dia - 11 people,  2100 dia - 12 people. 

If you're not sure what would be the ideal size for a table in your dining room, it can be beneficial to mark it out on your floor with masking tape, allowing at least 700mm space around the table for chairs to be pulled out and for people to be able to move around the tablet with people sitting in the chairs.

Centrally Supported Tables
Generally speaking, centrally supported leg designs are proving to be the most popular design these days as people tend to be drawn to the more contemporary designs and because of the more practical elements associated with not having a leg on each corner.  We are always mindful of not allowing table legs to interfere with the seating capacity of the table. Centrally supported tables can be in all shapes, rectangle, square, round, cigar and oval.