Custom Made General Info


For well over thirty years we have been basing our business around the production and selling of individually made timber furniture made to the customers specifications.  We suggest reading through this section to gain a good insight into what's involved in having something made to your requirements. The next step is to contact us either by calling into our Sydney showroom, our factory in Wagga or by dropping us an email and supplying us with as much information as possible. But I must point out that our main showroom is in Sydney, we have a small showroom connected to our factory in Wagga.


We specialise in using mainland Australian hardwood timbers and it's important to keep in mind that the look of the timber, even within the same species, can vary greatly. This can make it difficult when ordering another piece later on to match what you have purchased previously, that's if someone's expectations are to get this next item looking almost the same. Of course every tree is different and so it follows that every item we make is unique in its own special way.




The steps involved in ordering a special piece of furniture from us are as follows

  1. Enquiry - we can help you come up with a design that will suit your living space and accommodate your various needs.

  2. Quotation - once you're happy with the design and have selected the timber species, we can provide a quote for you to have your item created and at this point we will ask about access to enable us to provide you with a quote on having the item delivered to your home. If you have the means of picking the item up yourself, by all means however we do require this to be arranged with our staff at least 24 hours prior.

  3. Drawings - Once a quote has been approved and a deposit has been paid, a drawing can then be done for your approval if it is necessary,  And please note, not every order requires a scaled drawing such as items ordered from pieces currently on our showroom floor.

  4. Approval - if you'd like to make any last-minute changes, now is the time to let us know! Once we have your approval the order will go into the system to be made according to the time frame estimated.

  5. Deposit - we require a 50% deposit on all custom orders, with the balance payable prior to us releasing the furniture for delivery. 

  6. Construction - The lead time for special orders does vary depending on how much work we have in the system and how much work the item requires to be completed. On the average it usually takes around six weeks. Once completed the item will be transported to Sydney from the workshop in Wagga usually within one week.

  7. Delivery - Deliveries around Sydney are arranged once the item has been received into our storage area. We pass the details onto the delivery guys who then make arrangements with you directly. Delivery to areas outside Sydney can be arranged however please be aware that some areas are very difficult to get furniture delivered to safely.

  8. Level of Satisfaction  - we fully understand the reservations someone may have in ordering something from a drawing rather than being able to see it before committing to buying it. We are proud to say that more often than not we actually exceed a customer's expectations. However if someone isn't completely happy with an item they have received from us, then we would like to know why.


Assuming we have your chosen timber in stock, our lead time is usually around 6 weeks but this can vary. We can advise on current lead times when you make an enquiry.


Before we begin construction, we need to know what access is like into the room where the furniture is going, particularly with larger items. You'll need to consider things like distance, stairs, narrow doors and hallways, corners and elevators to ensure we can arrange delivery for the item.

Carriers will also charge extra if they have to send more than 2 guys out to deliver a particular item to your home. Having a couple of good friends, neighbours or relatives available to help take delivery can be a good way to save a few dollars on a large item.