Oiled Finishes

Eclipse pride themselves on building quality, durable dining tables for everyday family use. 

As co- owner of the business, Ross Triffitt states, "Our tables with oiled finishes can be used and enjoyed by a family without having the constant fear of little marks and scratches ruining the appearance. Of course wear and tear over time is inevitable, it's going to occur but the important thing is that the finish on your table allows the table to 'age nicely'. So what does that mean? It means all those little signs of wear are not going to detract from the appearance of the table as much as a coated finish will, strangely enough it can actually adds to it. These signs of wear become an appealing part of the table because it allows 'history' in the form of a patina to develop over time.

A good analogy of this is when someone buys a new expensive pair of leather boots or a nice leather coat or jacket, they're so much nicer to wear after a bit of use and they have worn in a bit and they look better.

This way of looking at normal wear from normal use is closely related to the ancient Japanese ideology called Wabi Sabi which is very much about recognising the beauty in imperfection.

This very 'liveable' aspect of our dining tables stems from two things, one is the 100% natural oiled finish and the other is the fact that Eclipse specialises in using dense Australian hardwood timbers.

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