Warranty Statement

Items made by Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture 

A 5 year warranty covers the structural integrity of all our dining tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, etc. If we built it, we cover it. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence, acts of God, misuse or failure to care properly for your furniture. All warranty claims must be sent in writing to sales@eclipsefurniture.com.au and should include detailed images showing the extent and scale of the specified defect(s). This will then be assessed to determine the likely cause and may even require an on-site inspection.

Should your warranty claim be approved, Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture will cover the costs involved in the repair of your item(s) in our manufacturing facility, excluding any transportation or freight costs associated with the claim. 


Solid Timber

Solid timber is a natural product and will always react to its environment. At Eclipse we go above and beyond industry standards to ensure our product is the highest quality and we expect it to last generations of use, providing it is cared for appropriately. All our timbers are either kiln dried to between 11%-14% (recommended for East Coast Australia), or naturally dried and well seasoned recycled timbers. We use the highest standard materials, construction methods and hardware. All of our furniture is designed to allow for the expected movement of timber panels and an extensive quality inspection report is completed internally before we send any furniture out for delivery. 

Considering the above, we cannot provide warranty for timber movement that occurs due to environmental conditions such as: shrinkage, expansion, glue creep, bowing, joint separation, cracking or colour change. If however, your table has moved considerably within the first 6 months of delivery, we reserve the right to offer an 'at cost' repair service, where we correct any movement issues without any mark-up.

Please note, certain timber species are likely to incur more timber movement due to its inherent radial shrinkage during the drying process. We advise against the use of Spotted Gum for customers who cannot maintain a stable environment or are opposed to above average timber movement.


Surface Coatings & Finishes

As our finishes are subject to everyday wear and tear they cannot be warranted, this includes scratching, scuffing and chipping. All our finishes are best-in-class products and are applied by a dedicated finishing specialist. Please note that none of our coated (polyurethane) or semi-coated (hard wax oil) finishes are scratch resistant and a reasonable level of care is required to ensure the longevity of the product. For more info on how to look after your furniture, please visit our Care & Maintenance page. 


If you have any questions relating to the warranty of our furniture or you would like to submit a warranty claim, please email: sales@eclipsefurniture.com.au

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