Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture’s Warranty Statement

The information and explanations described in this warranty statement are in addition to and are supported by the information provided in our Terms and Conditions which we strongly recommend you read.

Products produced by Eclipse will carry a warranty of ten (10) years from the date of delivery and is subject to the following disclaimers and clarifications.

This warranty covers any malfunction defects in relation to the construction of the item such as loose joins.   The warranty does not cover timber ‘defects’ otherwise referred to as ‘natural features’ nor does it cover signs of timber movement which relate to the environment and the situation that item is placed in.  This is something that Eclipse has no control over and which is clearly and comprehensively explained in our Terms and Conditions and our document titled – ‘Important Information Regarding Solid Timber Furniture’.

A construction defect does not include breakages where there is evidence that an item has been mistreated.

In the event of there being a construction defect of an item made by Eclipse, the purchaser is required to supply Eclipse with adequate photos clearly showing the defect along with evidence of when the item was purchased.
Eclipse will not cover the cost of getting the item returned to the factory from its location.  However, some considerations regarding this may be made in certain situations.

The warranty does not cover items used in commercial situations unless that information was clearly indicated at the time of the purchase.

The warranty also does not cover against normal signs of wear and tear, scratches, burns or from liquids being left on the item for an extended period of time. Nor does it cover bleaching from direct sunlight.

This warranty does not cover doors or drawers on cabinets that are not aligned when placed into position.  If this happens it is nearly always caused by a floor that is not perfectly level.  All items have doors and drawers fitted and aligned in the factory on a perfectly level surface so adjustments may need to be made on site such as putting a small packer under one back corner.

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture extensively use timbers that have ‘character’ otherwise known referred to as ‘natural features’ rather than ‘pristine’ or select grade timbers which our market responds to whole heartedly. When and if an item does respond to its new environment the evidence is usually seen in or around the natural features. The timbers used by Eclipse are dried down to industry standard which is between 9% and 14%.  The higher level is to cover the odd board or section of a board which for various possible reasons may not have been exposed to equal air movement within the kiln, 10 -12% is what we aim for.

We provide extensive documentation explaining how timber will react in certain situations and in certain environments, so it is the purchaser’s responsibility to read and understand what is explained in this document titled – Important Information Regarding Solid Timber Furniture.

As stated above, Eclipse will not guarantee against timber movement but at the same time we reserve the option of assessing each situation on its own merits.

Items purchased through Eclipse that have been supplied by a third-party supplier are covered in accordance with that companies warranty policy.  All endeavours will be made by Eclipse to secure a satisfactory outcome for any unreasonable occurrence not the fault of the purchaser.