About Eclipse FAQ's

Who owns and runs Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture?

Founder's and owners of Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture, Ross and Juilie Triffitt, have over thirty years' experience in the furniture industry. Adopting a 'boutique' approach to furniture production, Ross and Juilie have aimed to provide customers with an individualistic and tailored approach to furniture design and manufacturing.

Do you make everything you sell?

Just about all of the furniture is made by Eclipse except many of the dining chairs we offer. All our furniture is made at our factory in Wagga Wagga. Many of our dining chairs are bought in from other suppliers.

These days dining chairs are being made overseas in countries such as China at very inexpensive prices and quite honestly we are not above selling them. They really are excellent quality chairs that we can sell at very reasonable prices such as, $275 for a chair with an upholstered seat. We buy them in unstained and we match them specifically to the table that they are going with and we do get to achieve a very good match. Otherwise, we do make some chairs ourselves such as the Vella chair and stool and we might expand on the designs we make down the track.

Why buy from Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture?

Eclipse Experience

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture has well over thirty years' experience in furniture retail and over twenty years' experience in manufacturing timber furniture. Over time Eclipse has re-invented itself and evolved to suit the changing market. We have always considered ourselves to be in the 'boutique' vein; outside the mainstream furniture industry. This is a quality that we are extremely proud of and continue to embrace.

Eclipse Craftsmanship

Eclipse employs nine craftsmen which have been dedicated to the business for many years, having over 50 years combined experience in building and finishing handcrafted furniture. Each craftsman has an eye for detail, assessing the timber to suit the customers taste and then working with the characteristics of each piece of timber to ensure its natural features are the focus. Furthermore, Eclipse furniture is constructed using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to ensure they are enduring, functional and family friendly.

Point of Difference

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture possesses a real point of difference; exclusively using recycled and salvaged Australian Hardwood timbers. Australia is blessed with the largest and most beautiful range of hardwood timbers in the world. The timber Eclipse uses is either salvaged from naturally fallen trees or recycled from old buildings. This gives each piece from Eclipse its own signature and unique story to tell.

'Sourcing our timber this way means we have considerable variations in appearance. Timber that has been sustainably harvested from large logging forests possesses a consistency in colour and appearance. At Eclipse, each piece of timber we use is unique and this adds to the individuality of what we offer. Each piece of furniture we make is matchless, possessing its own signature and conveying a little bit of the Australian story. We think that is pretty special…'

Eclipse designs are minimalist with clean lines and balanced proportions. Highlighting natural feature is a strong part of the 'Eclipse look', with the design complimenting the beautiful timber rather than the other way around. We leave the poetry in what we make.

Eclipse Dining Tables

Eclipse is well known for their stunning, natural looking and family friendly timber dining tables. Eclipse dining tables are made from the durable and hardwearing Australian eucalypt timber, making them resilient to the wear and tear that comes with time and use. Combined with their hardwearing oil and wax finish, a dining table from Eclipse can be used to your hearts content.

We often get families who are concerned about marking or scratching the table. We handcraft and finish our tables with that in mind. We aim to ensure our customers can get the most out of our products. Our tables will endure the everyday wear and tear. In 30 years' time your Eclipse dining table won't be worn; it will be beautifully aged…'