Collection: Australian Made Dining Tables

The purchaser of a solid timber dining table from Eclipse in Sydney will have the backing of over 35 years of experience in building custom made dining tables in their workshop in regional NSW.

The hidden natural beauty of one of our national icons, the humble gum tree, is arranged and highlighted imaginatively within each top. In other words, there is always a considerable amount of time, thought and effort put into how a solid timber dining table is created.

Eclipse loves to use timbers that show the story behind the life of the tree. Such as black gum veins which are from when the tree was exposed to a bush fire or exposed to numerous bush fires within the Australian landscape. All tastes are catered for from timber tables that combine many natural features to those that showcase only the beauty of the grain patterns and the natural colours.

There is no better way to showcase this natural beauty than to feature it in the top of a wooden dining table. Let’s face it, if it is real wood then it should look like real wood. And when a handmade dining table made from solid timber is finished in a 100% natural oiled finish it will become a highly valued item within a family for generations. An oiled finish will allow the dining table to age nicely as opposed to looking ‘the worse for wear’ in the years ahead which is what tends to happen with coated finishes on everyday use timber dining tables.

And then of course, ordering a custom-made dining table allows you to not only have it in the size and in the wood that suits your space exactly, but the actual design of the table can be exactly as you’d like it to be. You can reference other designs and pick and choose what you’d like to incorporate into your handmade dining table made specifically for you.

Here’s a little-known fact, mainland Australia is blessed with the biggest and the most diverse range of hardwood timbers of any other country in the world. So when we compare the difference in owning a timber dining table made in Australia from Australian hardwood timbers and made specifically for you in the exact size and design that you specify, compared to buying a more generic timber dining table ‘off the shelf’ made in a timber grown somewhere overseas, the level of ‘special- ness’ is ‘through the roof’ by comparison.