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Degas Table

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If you love this design as we do,  orders can be taken in almost any size although this design does suit smaller tables more so.  The table in this photo was 900mm in dia,  for larger sizes the base is scaled up proportionately.  
Be as creative as you'd like, the ribbed column is available in other colours or in the same natural timber as the top and the powder-coated metal base can be done in different colours.  


Select from our range of beautiful Australian hardwood timbers which come in a variety of natural looks with variations in colour, grain and natural features. Or discuss with our team the options available in finishes to achieve a certain aesthetic fitting the space it will be going in. Our Timbers page has numerous images of the timbers for you to explore and discover the look to suit your individual decor preferences. Be sure to ask our helpful and knowledgeable team for guidance and advice.  


Mass production is not our style, every item is individually produced by our skilled craftsman which allows us to make the exact size someone would like. Please keep in mind that the number of people who will fit around a table sitting in the chairs will be more than the number of chairs that will tuck in when not in use.  Be sure to discuss table leg and chair placement options with our furniture consultants to make sure we have your needs covered.


Lead times will vary but on average, orders will usually take around 4-6 weeks for tables and other more straight forward items and up to 12 weeks for more complicated items.